Centers on a family in New York City that owns a restaurant where, behind the scenes, the kids can do real magic.



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julian_fishman's picture

Selena looks so beautiful in this show! I love this show so much!

manticellohotmailit's picture

Adoro questa serie TV

Erika__'s picture

I love this show back then and now. I remember most of Selena's lines and most of her spells as well. I always came home from middle school to watch it on Disney channel. It makes me smile even after a bad day.

2101ferl's picture

This program was, is and still is my childhood. I never lost it; I remember that they gave a chapter in the day (most of the time), and since I could not see it, due to the studies, I saw the repetition at 5 o'clock in the morning.

Largemooonsterr's picture

I love films <3