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alexliamen's picture

I need to think .

he set the bar high.

for others it may be low, only you do not know where your half

for her, this bar is high. you will never find it.

I have no idea how to make wow. Alex. Selena wants to meet this Alex. I just want to talk to him. I have no idea . it was the easiest way. you would not even see that it was me. It did not work out.

the plan has fallen :(((((( 

alexliamen's picture

as you grow, you blossom, as you blossom, you flourish,

as you flourish, obstacles will come, when obstacles come, remember your growth and relish in it.

I mean, I have an obstacle that I can not talk to you. and I'm going to  relish it.

this obstacle is Mount Everest.

and ocean. later your protection.

then a fence and a dog. and the border.

I think it's above my strength.

I have to leave you: ((((((

I'm stupid, you also had the same obstacle, but you gave advice to show yourself. You gave me advice to find me. and interest me ... and you can be here with me soon as you want.

 you had as many obstacles as me.

and I gave up: ((((((( 

alexliamen's picture

I've set up to get to know you, I have to be rich or famous. my project has collapsed.

I will not be very rich and very famous. I will never meet you

I mean talk a few hours.

writing is pointless. I wrote because I was hoping that I would be able to succeed. it does not work out so I have to close.:((((((

alexliamen's picture

I'm watching the Monte Carlo movie.

you know that you play in it.

The main role . you must surround me like this :).

alexliamen's picture

I'm sorry . I have not achieved my plans. just writing without touching you makes no sense.

writing without looking in the eye, it does not make sense.

writing alone without experiencing your smile in real life is pointless.

writing, not knowing. your personality is pointless.

just writing, and not being able to do anything with you, do antics ... is pointless.

the same writing, and do not be next to you is pointless.

I'm sorry I have to accept that we lost. I love you . life to you all the best, good health and happiness. ALEX

bye Bye bye Bye bye Bye bye Bye