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The Young Tiger

Once upon time there was a young tiger who gave his heart to a new owner. At first, this owner held the small tiger tight closer to her heart until one day. At that day, this owner was pissed of this young tiger so the owner just tried to get rid of this young tiger by any chance. The young tiger was crying for help bagging his owner to forgive him and for not letting him go away. But the owner was really strict with the young tiger so she has thrown him out in a jungle that was field with a lot of monsters. The young tiger tried really hard to fight these monsters really hard and to save his life and go back to his old owner but nothing seems to work with him until one day the young tiger gave up and ran away out of his old owner's world. The young tiger was really sad and heart broken. He was asking himself a lot of questions such as why did his old owner treated him like that, why she left him alone out in a jungle that was filled with dangerous monsters. Why was everyone treating him like as a guilty disgusting creature? Why no one actually believed him? Why everyone was saying a bad thing about him like a sinner and a mentally ill tiger? Why the monsters have treated him like that? Is it because he was a tiger and they are thinking of them self like angels who have never ever done anything wrong throw out their life? Furthermore, why did they judge him for his mistakes that didn't affect anyone of them? Or at least, why didn't they leave him alone. Actually, the whole story was only exists in the young tiger mind because the old owner didn't receive or accept the young tiger's heart. In reality, the old owner didn't even believe that the young tiger has been ever existed or at least. She didn't show him that.

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i love it so much good job

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