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Music video by Selena Gomez performing Hands To Myself. (C) 2016 Interscope Records



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you want to know who will not sell you. and how will someone give their lives for you and sell you late? . Do you think he deserves to be friends? does anyone appreciate friendship now? I lost money and all my friends fled. you will only know as much as I do. but you have such a reputation that you will not lose it, you will always have the mouth of tv and it attracts friends very much. I thought that a few prayers helped you Alexa. I confess poorly, I prayed.I do not have a job now. I sit at home and work on my project. Maybe I will finish it before work :)alex thinks he'll sell you. and you sell me, check it out late :) for $ 1 million, we will sell ourselves, each and every one of us?I think everything has a price. I have a dilemma or your friendship, we are talking about friendship. or 1 million €. And what are you choosing friendship or 1 million €?if not your eyes, I choose a million. and now I have a dilemma. Once in a lifetime.

I wish you a lot of health.:)

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i love you  selena. you are the girl of my dreams. i love you so much

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I love you so much. And the video

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I love this song so much =) Love you Selena <3