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baby i love you . give me your love

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The lead?

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That moment when you realize you think you need to get high or drunk just to get creative. It sucks having those nasty urges. Well I finally found out how I'm going to show how my hallucinations/delusions/psychosis are in this comic I've been writing/drawing. This part was holding me back for the longest but I finally got it (thinking I need to get high off weed to get this part fully detailed but thankfully I didn't need it) going to call this:

Ch. 3 The Strip/ The 2trip (imagine these title glitching out)

Ch. 2 Love/Lost

Ch. 1 Fired 

Going to work on this later,  finally I see some hope been busy on working and lot has happen

Remember I suffer from Schizoaffective/bi pooar depression IDK what else but whatever..... it funny every time I am about to pass out/sleep, I hear full conversations 20% of the time is about me. Lol. When I'm awake voices is not as clear. Far from annoying ((Wake up)).. yeah yeah in a minute 

Need to see a doctor but again the meds don't help but that the point eventually it will.... someone might create it...

Keep doing good! Selena! Your doing Great!

You got this! 

Bibbidi Bobbidi boo and all that jazz lol

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I love you so much and have a great time with your family

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