Check out the official video for Wolves ft. Marshmello below.

Listen to Wolves, out now.



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Hello selena 

Big fan of urs and ur soothy voice

Ur fans especially me are keen to hear ur new music/album with same beautiful voice of u as in past songs

Ronaldo_Lanaud's picture

Hello Selena im french and my name is vincent i would like to get started in the music would you have advice to give me : i adore you continues i am a big fan ❤️

Culkinscashis's picture

I like this song

alexliamen's picture

your eyes, eyes, eyes.

they are magical :(((((

back years, and they are still magical .

how I can not see them in real life

and I will never see

and if I see, I will miss

Selenka Selenka

you enchant me