Put down the weapons you fight with. Selena's video for 'Kill Em With Kindness' is here! Watch it below and get Selena's latest album Revival here.



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Sineadbootheircomnet's picture

selena gomez,

i love your songs. i was going to go to your revival concert in ireland, but you cancelled because you had lupus. a side affect of lupus is anxiety i have bad anxiety and i look up to you. i would love for you to come to ireland and do a meet and greet and spread you powerful couraging message because to girls like me it will mean the world. x

katie_brooks01's picture

This song displays a beautiful message and i have always loved it. These are the kind of songs we need out today with this kind of message and truth. This is why Selena will always be my role model

deekshadeepak22's picture

U are very beautiful Selena. I love u and ur songs.

sashitalinda55's picture

I Love ♥

Martine_Quaak's picture

Wow she looks beautiful as always i absolutly love this song