Put down the weapons you fight with. Selena's video for 'Kill Em With Kindness' is here! Watch it below and get Selena's latest album Revival here.



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deekshadeepak22's picture

U are very beautiful Selena. I love u and ur songs.

sashitalinda55's picture

I Love ♥

Martine_Quaak's picture

Wow she looks beautiful as always i absolutly love this song

Carla_Alvarez's picture

I love this song it has a very strong meaning to it . Love and kindness is more powerful than anyone could ever imagine .God loves to see peace and love and being kind to one another. Like it says in the bible love thy neighbor. Never hate hate is a killer so take this advise love each other and kill people with kindness like Selena says cause they got nothing else more but accept the kindness people are showing. Thanks love always Carla Jean Alvarez

monemmakki's picture

Our Little Angel, Selena! We Love you to the moon and back