Congratulations to Selena for her AMAs win in the category of Favorite Female Artist - Pop/Rock. See the full list of winners here.



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Wal_Kha's picture

I desire to meet you

athanasiat99's picture

❤️ inspirational 

mariek's picture

I wish she could come to Greece..she is so inspiring,one of my dreams is to meet her 

liviacales's picture

i love u so much, you have no idea, i always cry when i think about you, because you inspire me and you made who i am,  your music help me so much, sorry for my English, come back to Brazil, we love u 

Naughty_Aakarsh's picture

i wanna tell uhh that m being a true fan of urss not big but a loyal and true fan  ..u r my inspiration my lyff  my everything ..first i didnt listen to english songs but when i listen ur songs i started listening song but only and only of urss i wanna meet uhhh m waiting for that day