Check out Selena on the cover of Vogue's April 2017 cover, on newsstands now. 

Read more HERE.




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Looks gorgeous! Check this to know how to spy on Selena's!

Madhesh_Kargil's picture

its very pleasure to see her

GiannaD's picture

She is so beautiful!!!!! I love her so much, and if i ever met her i would die!!!!!! I ALWAYS will be a selenator's picture

Dear Selena.If you read this letter,please answering for me.I is musicant from Russia.(pianist)I very like your voice and songs!You is very beatiuful!I like to draw you and I write a letter for you in Instagram.I would like to talk with you and write a song for you.Please excuse me for my bad English)Best for YOU!


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i am so proud bye