Preorder REVIVAL album and vinyl, exclusive products and early ticket access to Selena's next tour, only at!




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EthanR1007's picture

I do not understand how to get them like where can i buy it? Can someone PLEASE answer so i know and I can get it 

Medic bill's picture
Medic bill

I waited longer until I got it and it wasn't complete 

Graziela_Marostegan's picture


 The Revival Tour merchandise can be sold to Brazil?

melody.panda94's picture

Does anyone get the bundle yet ???! I haven't received anything yet .. :( If someone knows, I would appreciate to get an answer as I'm dying to get it :(((((((( </3

muzzi's picture

when ship the bundle? ????????? I order september 23!!! I am waiting more than 2 months!  Thanks for news.