Feeling creative? For the next 2 weeks, help me design a poster for the‪#‎neoPosterChallenge‬ & you could win some great adidas neo prizes! Follow adidas NEO Label for all details.



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Sandra_Victoria_Parada_Parada's picture

I love it  so much...

bagaswahyupranata's picture

i very very love it .

Ciara_Macias1's picture

I wouldn't even touch any poster to be honest because I would just imagine it .

AyaLestari's picture

I Love you Selena.....

Tony711313's picture

Dear Selena, very shocked and sorry to hear you have Lupus.You should ignore all media vile comments that seem to annoy you.Media are horrible to everyone they are jealous of such as you, as you are such a successful talented beautiful woman. Come to Ireland soon for recuperation. We respect women here and media won't annoy you. Members of U2, Corrs, Van Morrison etc can walk the streets in anywhere in Ireland  unhassled. Get well soon Selena. Tony