Lose You To Love Me was inspired by many things that have happened in my life since releasing my last album. I want people to feel hope and to know you will come out the other side stronger and a better version of yourself.

Lose You To Love Me is out now. Listen HERE and check out the video, shot on iPhone, below and on Apple Music.




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This was amazing Selena!

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I just love her :") 

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To the amazing Miss Selena Gomez. I realize you'll probably never read this, but I feel like you were so open and raw with your song Lose You to Love Me that I had to let you know what it did for my life. To set the tone a quick history. I had a baby about 15 years ago in the father was never involved, fast forward 8 years and I met my soon-to-be-ex-husband. He loved my son like he was his, and within 2 years we had a baby of our own. We were living what I thought was a great life and before I knew it I realized we were drinking every single day. It became what we did and it took over our lives. I lost myself in him, my existence became him. The alcohol addiction made us mean to each other and not good parents. He was my first love, I was probably his 20th. Two months after we broke up (seriously!) he had met another girl and got her pregnant, and we were still married. I was devastated. I was alone with myself, the alochol addiction and our boys. Mentally it was nothing I could deal with. After a couple of run-ins with suicide and a lot of alcoholism, I finally got it together. I loathed him at that point, one could say I hated him but I started to learn to love ME. When I did this, he went to jail (this was after he had his baby with the other girl). They were no longer talking and he ended up with a domestic violence charge from an altercation with her. He told me from jail he wanted to make it work and we would be a family. I was sober and he said he was too, so we tried it, and it didn't work. Again I was left devastated and drinking alone with my kids. It honestly wasn't until about a month ago and some intense therapy that I finally realized that I did everything I could do and it wasn't my fault, as a narcissist he guided me go believing it was ally fault. I had blamed myself for years. And I heard your song when it first came out last week and it absolutely described my life over the last five years. I had to lose him at first and I had to hate him to learn to love me, then he came back into my life and I thought we'd fixed it, we were better now. I was wrong. But I did learn how to love myself even more than I did before, And now we are able to co-parent for the sake of our boys. I wanted to say I'm sorry for what you went through and I know that having a broken heart, a broken spirit sucks. That song you released after, Look at Her Now, I know that you're just like me you learned from that life experience. You let ot become a blessing and a lesson and it helpedmade you into the woman that you are today. Thank you again so much Miss Gomez!!!!!

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Love it how you express it. Raw, true. The song with a message to father. It’s truly was meant for him. Justin is just a passenger in your story