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Maame_Yaa_Aning's picture

hi selena am your fan i love u

Kwin_Noel's picture

You are my biggest fan 

Michael_Gomez3's picture

Hi  I'm michael I love you Selena my lovely angel  I love you

Motsumi1965's picture

Get well Selena and God is working with you to get well.I am not a fan of your music and don't know any of your songs.I care about you as a person.My niece had Lupus and she died. You are in my prayers through Jesus Christ our Lord and savior. God bless you and stay strong. Give God all the praise,glory and honor in the name of Jesus..

Steve_Lockhart1's picture

Hey Selena, keep your head up. Put God first in everything you do and the rest will work out.  You are a beautiful young lady. Just keep plugging along.