Get a first look at the newest Coach x Selena Gomez Campaign. 



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Ronaldo_Lanaud's picture

Hello Selena im french and my name is vincent i would like to get started in the music would you have advice to give me : i adore you continues i am a big fan ❤️

Saeed_Ashif_Ahmed's picture

Selena, you are an inspiration to many young girls. I want to see you in real, please come to India once. I love each and every song of you. I have posted some of your Oops moment on my Blog because my visitors are asking me - they like you so much.

Here's my blog: link:

svetlanabalalina's picture

I want to try this perfume. But it seems to me that Chloe is more suited.

Marina_tom's picture

Selena you are the coolest singer in the world and people. my name is Marina, I know that we will not see each other, but I believe that dreams come true. I grew up on your song, I changed, thank you for everything you do. I'm glad that you found your love, you did not go easy. If you can say that you are positive people. I love you ..... sorry if there are mistakes here, I'm only learning English. Know you make this world the best.

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