Get a first look at the newest Coach x Selena Gomez Campaign. 



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Marina_tom's picture

Selena you are the coolest singer in the world and people. my name is Marina, I know that we will not see each other, but I believe that dreams come true. I grew up on your song, I changed, thank you for everything you do. I'm glad that you found your love, you did not go easy. If you can say that you are positive people. I love you ..... sorry if there are mistakes here, I'm only learning English. Know you make this world the best.

wahajbirds1997's picture

Paste a YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram link and press Enter

alexliamen's picture

I have such a feeling that I know you for a long time :). and it was supposed to be for a moment.

duke21's picture

She has done more for young females than many other role models could ever imagine. She needs to talk more and express herself to her fans because when she opens her mouth beautiful splendor springs forth. She is the message that young women around the world need to hear.

nilou2002313's picture

I love you Selena. She is my inspiration. I love her a lot. She is kind and strong. This makes her special. She loves people a lot and this makes her more beautiful . 

I m waiting for her new album in a crazy way.