The official lyrics for every song on REVIVAL are at! Head over to check them out and leave your favorite lyrics in the comments. REVIVAL is out tomorrow, 10.9! Get it on Apple Music.



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I love this album

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It's very interesting to have all lyric of the album REVIVAL

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i am listening to ure song on youtube alone !!!!!OMG im in love too .

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I don't know if this will work since most of this site does not work. I tried to post this as a reply to a post that Charles_North made but it would not work. So I am trying it as a new post... 

I ordered the bundle that comes with the Vinyl record. I know with my bundle it said that only the digital copy would be available on the release date. I did receive an email that said the digital files were available for download but I actually already had a digital copy from iTunes. I ordered this bundle for the other stuff - presale opportunity, vinyl album, autographed poster etc. It said in the bundle description that those items would begin shipping in early December. So, I am not looking for them yet. But I am excited to get them when they do start shipping. I am not sure if that is the same with all the bundles but that was the time frame for my bundle.

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Love you Selena