Get Selena's new song, 'Bad Liar,' out now HERE.

Watch an exclusive video on Spotify HERE.



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veli atalay

I love you selena gomez

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Here's a remix of Bad Liar that I hope you will enjoy!!

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Jailma Santos

Hello, guys!

I really can't watch that special video made for/published on spotfy. When I click on the link it goes just to the song. I've watched the official video on YouTube, but I'd like to see this other one that includes different scenes. I would be very happy if anyone has this other video or can send me a like (that works) for me finally see it. my e m a i l: jailma santos 07 @ hot mail . com ( no spaces)

Thank you so much! Love you Selena!

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Very well 

I m a Bad liar 

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Wish I was there to play with your hair. You would love it I swear..