Watch Selena's official video for 'Bad Liar,' directed by Jesse Peretz, HERE.



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Selena eu não sei o que dizer, preciso de ajuda, vou falar em português msm, é a segunda vez que peço ajuda, ninguém que vive comigo me ajuda de vdd, não me deixa morrer vc tem sido minha inspiração te amo com todo coração, by Fagner HELP ME PLEASE 

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Hi Selena can you follow me on instagram please im your biggest fan ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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This song and Selena's voice are Awesome but whoever came up with the juvenile, boring , over done "high school " crap should seriously rethink their career.  Otherwise, I'm obsessed with the song. 

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 Oh I'm tryin, I'm tryin, Im tryin, im tryin, to get this song outta head


Selena Gomez - Fetish (Ft.Gucci Mane) ???