13 Reasons Why, executive produced by Selena, is out now on Netflix!

You can also listen soundtrack, featuring an acoustic version of 'Kill Em With Kindness' and her cover of Yaz's 'Only You,' available now for streaming and download.




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iyozdalopez's picture

theyre post this at my Birthday!!! what a Great Year!!!! I love you Selena <3 <3 !!!!

Nastya_Scherbakova's picture

Hi, how can I contact Selena? I have an idea for a film, I think she might be interested in this idea. This is due to faith in God, with the struggle of man with his weaknesses. If this is possible, I want to fully expose this idea to Selena 

Mariafe_Fuentes_Alarcon's picture

I love this series and the # 1 songs

I'm a fan of selena gomez since chiquita

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Asude Eslem

Really an excellent range. I'm looking forward to the 2nd season

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I know you are getting flack for the 13 Reasons series but I am emailing to say "thank you". I have 9 grandchildren and we all have watched it. There was so much insight on how high school is for bullies and the students creating the atmosphere. Parents are too afraid to address this issue because it makes the situation real. I see this series as a tool to help me understand what my grandkids face and how I can help them navigate the waters of High School. You've shed light on two subjects that need to be brought out and discussed (bulling and suicide).  So I thank you, Beth Armer