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Favourite Lyric from back to you? 

So what you doing know. Me im feeling despondent. Wishing you were near. Even though my room is a mess. I should tiddy up. I just dont do it. I have ten chickens 6 hens four rosters and four five week old chicks. Wont to breed with them start a poultry farm. As soon as i get apartner or have the...

Why dont you marry me. Why Bill Mury. Reson Im fathfull, hansome, hard working, fun when im not deprest and a good lay for sentual mutchell coures sacret lover.......

To Miss Gomez

My name is....actually that's probably  not important.  I am writing this to you simply because I want to and it's on my list of things to do before....Ah well, that's totally not important. Nonetheless I want to say that you are an admirable person, you have rein in the...

Dear Selena, thank you so much for your “Dream it real” podcast. It’s very inspiring! God bless you

We are survivors of the wild

What shattered me like a rifle was a Revival