Damn Selena lol I bet your bed is really that big lol anyway I'm a photographer and if you're I retested in some 8nternational publicity I can get you on the cover of Opulens magazine!

Hey Selena all your songs are fantastic but I'm writing to you about publicity I'm a photographer working on a project for Opulens magazine and if your interested in more international publicity I'd like to book you for a photo shoot in sunny and beautifull Miami you can reach me on Instagram @...

I realized I was a psychopath, but then woke up and fell in love with Selena

"Water or wine, don't make me choose"

-Selena Gomez

But I have a question for her, Why not both Selena??  ;p

All this brands are everywhere! They should start to consolidate with educationists like this service.

Great video! This is one of the best theme for Scarlet letter!