I am soooo proud of her!!!! This song truly shows her feelings and the anger she once had. She is finally free and this song is also relatable for so many girls who fell in the trap of betrayal!!! The album Rare is fantastic and it worth the wait!!So proud of her and will always love her....

Love ‘Rare’ your beautiful album.


Oh btw, does anyone know why when I try to pre-order the signed cd it requires me to buy 2 and not just 1? lol

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just ordered a signed rare lithograph!

I'm unsure if this will reach you Selena, but i just wanted to say a massive thank-you. I'm coming out of a 7 year relationship with someone i truly love, but was emotionally abused by. I didn't really understand how exhausted i was, and i'm still discovering the trauma and damage done 9 months...