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I know that you are looking for a god. I will give . will show. he will prove that he is god.

I just want to record a movie about it. You give me a movie and I alex discover the God's mystery.

Do you need to know God?

think about what to show that the man believes in him...

you want to know who you are. there is a question in Zen. who am I . you ask yourself who you are. and how you understand that you do not know who you are. answer like that. who are you -> I do not know. and yes . a million times . I do not know it someday, it will give you an answer.

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next time on instagram live. speak slower .I wish I was there.

I have a million questions.

question 999999;

how will I give you a nice screenplay for a movie and you'll like it. will you make a movie?


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I want to record a beautiful movie. something like '2012' only my beauty will be more beautiful. selena, you could help alexu. I have a beautiful script and I need a the rest . the film will show God the only one. He will prove that God exists. Help me

Help me . 

why 1:30 in the morning are you awake?

I thought you could not hide from me :( I thought you could not run away from me :( and you, you just escaped :( you left me :(  do not travel with women. they can leave in the tropics and what I will do :( ...---> %*~¿Help me %°`®™·:))))))))))

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I wonder how your eye magic, and not only, works in real life. maybe it's good that I do not have much money. because I will not recognize you. And I will not kill my heart hard. I will not miss you. the fact that you are holding me now but that's not it. real knowledge will transfer the bitter...

It’s so beautiful not just the lyrics but the beat and the passion to it! ❤️