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Does selena even remember telling the clear channel radio that she is dating Jason lynn from spine in a longterm relationship a while back.

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I wish I could write Selena a letter in the mail.  I need to ask her something.  I keep trying to buy this chordscales college book and they don't sell one at the store.  I know you special order them but I noticed guitar stores and brook mays music store doesn't like special ordering secret...

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your song means world to me and you are the ruler of that world..thank you selena for always inspiring us and for saving so many lives..

Never LEt Anyone Underestimate You BEcause You Are Young' In Loving Memory ChristinaGrimmie <3 

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Assandi Saputra Model 

hey Selena if you need a guy who can treat you like a lady and a queen then i'm the man for you. plz come back to me i need you just stay on the roof if you want or come down to see me i love you selina and i...

She is sooooo cute and awesome voice i love her sooo much