WOW I CAN BELIEVE IT AM ON SELENA GOMEZ WEB SITE EXPRESSING MY FAVORITE  SONG IS  GOOD FOR PLUS SAVE DAY YOU CAUSE IN THE SONG I THINK I WANT TO BE WITH MS GOMEZ  call me to here the remix good for you by Selena with me az if you like can you give a chance ms gomez to make a single song with you...

What is my favorite song by Selena? 

I would have to say that there are really two songs that I love by Selena. Those two songs are 1. Good For You,  It just has so much meaning to it just like the next. Number 2. would have to be The Heart Wants What It Wants,  Mainly because it has...

What is my favorite movie by Selena? 

I think I'd have to go with another Cinderella story. Idk what it is but when Selena was in the movie, it was just so much better. She's a Perfect actor ( or to me she is anyways ). 

How has Selena Inspired me? 

Selena has inspired me since I was about 14 years old When I first saw her on The episodes of " Wizards of Waverly Place ". Before then I wasn't aloud to watch television unless it was some kind of action movie or the news/ or if I ever got to go to my...

Our Midgard Earth is suitable for higher spiritual development, so humans hid into this the Source of life, the only one in the universe, so the Dark forces don't want to blow up Midgard Earth

by grace through faith, kindness always wins