Wolves is my anthem because ______

Fill in the blank! Why is Selena's new single YOUR anthem?

Listen to "Wolves" here: 




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Hala_Alsuwaiket's picture

I really like the calm and soothing music at the beginning and I love how calm Selena's voice was while singing about such difficult things. And the best thing about wolves is how I'm able to connect and relate to every lyric, but two of the lyrics that really expressed how I am currently feeling is "I looked for love in every stranger, took too much to ease the anger." Wolves is such an amazing song that should be getting more appreciation. 

Kunal_Kurve's picture

It reminds me of my life's aim

marthen.tamsin's picture

Het gaat over mijn lievelingsdieren, Gemaakt door mijn lievelingszangeres.

GO Selena!

johnson_adrian88's picture

It is coming right at you 

I love u Selly G's picture
I love u Selly G

Wolves is not a typical “selling” song. It’s not about “everything is amazing and I’m so happy and I love everything and there is not a single sad thing in my life” it’s raw and wild and like about the hard things in life. Everything isn’t perfect and I love how Selena is honest and doesn’t really care about being the most popular. She does her own thing and I think that Wolves is a perfect   example of that. 

(Marshmallow is also an amazing DJ)