Wolves is my anthem because ______

Fill in the blank! Why is Selena's new single YOUR anthem?

Listen to "Wolves" here: 




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killeryourmajesty's picture

kurtlar marşımdır çünkü en sevdiğim şarkıdır.

johnlora's picture

the message "Wolves" many young people deal with.... saw Selena on the Today Show today 5/16/19 and was surprised by her comments about social media... takes a brave person to speak out about todays most expansive media... a necessary evil - a great media that can have negative affects. To many young people are having to deal with sadness and dark times. That being said also today using social media a new human collective focusing on alternative mental help, mental stability and mental health/issues targeted at teens and young adults dropped and had similar and enlightening messages about the state of humanity, a new look at a growing problem... you can check it out at coffeewithdemons.com. The first podcast by Coffee With Demons even though raw makes it clear that no matter how good social media is, it can also be hurtful, fake, and give others unreal expectations. I applaud those young people out there like Miss Gomez and CWD that are willing to try and help and make a difference, the future is on their shoulders.

harshita1288's picture

Wolves is my anthem because it is cool.

1EvaAN's picture

Everything about wolves is just so cool; the lyrics, the way Selena sings, the video, I mean the whole song drive me crazy

yuetwong's picture

Because of everything totally