Wolves is my anthem because ______

Fill in the blank! Why is Selena's new single YOUR anthem?

Listen to "Wolves" here: 




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I really love her song "Wolves". I love everything about it especially the beat, the jive and most especially the lyrics. I can exactly relate to it because Ive been to that kind of relationship. So yeah it's like Wolves spoke on behalf of me.

Here's my fave:

I've been running through the jungle

I've been running with the wolves

To get to you, to get to you

I've been down the darkest alleys

Saw the dark side of the moon

To get to you, to get to you

I've looked for love in every stranger

Took too much to ease the anger

All for you, yeah, all for you

I've been running through the jungle

I've been crying with the wolves

To get to you, to get to you, to get to you

I was never a fan of Selena before but when I heard Wolves i started loving  and admiring her and even listened more of her songs.

She is such an inspiration.

Get well soon Selena!

Much love from Philippines 

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They never quit!

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Wolves is my anthem because there are lot of memories attached with it .

Wolves defines me better because that's the kind of music , the extravagant melody , the enchanting note , my heart ,which I probably prefer listening to.

"To get to you" - A phrase I better use to describe certain things at times . So all in all wolves has inspired me a lot and also it helps me to concentrate on my work after I listen to it .

A huge thanks to selena Gomez for always bringing new songs like wolves , come and get it , Back to you , Fetish and adding the jazz in my life.

Also , I love the background music of wolves because somewhere I feel it energises me. Selena Gomez is so adorable.

Much of my love to her and her songs as well .

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Because you are waiting for someone.