Wolves is my anthem because ______

Fill in the blank! Why is Selena's new single YOUR anthem?

Listen to "Wolves" here: 




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It is coming right at you 

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I love u Selly G

Wolves is not a typical “selling” song. It’s not about “everything is amazing and I’m so happy and I love everything and there is not a single sad thing in my life” it’s raw and wild and like about the hard things in life. Everything isn’t perfect and I love how Selena is honest and doesn’t really care about being the most popular. She does her own thing and I think that Wolves is a perfect   example of that. 

(Marshmallow is also an amazing DJ)

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I've been running through the jungle

I've been running with the wolves

To get to you, to get to you

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If a tour is done again, please book at the STOCKTON ARENA IN CALIFORNIA! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!! It's A 12,000 seat capacity arena in central California. It'd be the best day of my life to see you perform in Stockton!

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With only ONE LIFE TO LIVE!!!