Why are you a Selenator?




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I love u Selly G

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Wizards of Waverly place just help me so much when I was a child and in 2012 I just found out Selena in music and she is so talented and beautiful and I think that she is amazing . I remember I loved so much all of her songs but my favorite was love you like a love song and she just amazing!!Sadly  I never was in her  concert before because she never comed to the country where I lived  because I lived in Hungary.She just helped me a when I got bullied   and every time I listened who says it’s just  one of her best song I think. She makes me happy so so so much and she just helped me so much!! I just love her so much and  I want to say thank you for her because she is just helping me so so much . She is so  beautiful talented and she is  just amazing people and I’m so thankful I am so happy because she is my idol and my role model!! I really wish sometimes I can meet her and I’m so happy because I can be in the Selenator  family !! I love her so much and her new song lose you to love me and look at her now is just amazing I’m so proud of her  and I can’t wait for her new album !! And now I’m live in UK and my mom said  when Selena is coming to England in her next tour I can get a meet&greet and I can finally hug her and this is my dream till I was a child and now  I’m 13 years old and now   I’m just can’t wait to the moment when  I can hug her and tell her in face-to-face this all  thing and  I  love you Selena and I wish sometimes  I can meet you and I can say to you this I love you so much and thank you so so much!!❤️❤️❤️

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I am a Selenator for 3 years and I am proud of it...Selena is sooo talented and kind and unique and amazing...she is just PERFECT...I love her with all my heart and I am proud of the woman she is...she has a kind and loving heart and she cares for people...She is gorgeous and has an amazing voice...Her acting skills are incredible and I love her smile

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I am because I think that she's beautiful, funny, a good singer, fun, a great actress, and an all around great person. I hope one day I can meet her in real life, it would be a dream come true and  it would be so cool.

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Selena, I saw your speech on how you are and have been dealing with depression and anxiety. My daughter Esmeralda Athena is going through similar mental health issues. We moved to San Antonio in 2018 for a fresh start from Austin.   San Antonio is far from having quality access to mental health. With all that said. Watching you grow and not afraid to share your journey, gives me hope for my Daughter.