Why are you a Selenator?




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I have a god in my life and that's selena 

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Hello Selena Fans,

I love Selena Gomez and I love that she was so public about her kidney transplant. This is my friend Angel (in the black shirt), he has been diagnosed with End Stage Kidney Disease and desperately needs a kidney transplant in order to survive. The hospital will not help because he lost his DACA due to a filing error and due to Trump's short deadline to reapply. He is now undocumented. He needs 117,000 dollars to be able to get the kidney transplant to pay the hospital for the procedure. Please give money to his GoFundMe here: https://www.gofundme.com/4vtwfog

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I just got a news notification that Selena Gomez has been named Billboard's 2017 woman of the year. I just want to say Congratulations. i know the last couple years have been a struggle but things can only get better. Congratulations again

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I always want to tell Selena why I become a Selenator, so there is a chance to explain it.

Selena is not only my idol, she is my role model and my godmother, she has been change my life since then until now, not important how long I become a selenator, but for sure I love selena from bottom of my heart. She teach me to be a strong women, carefully, encourages me how to enjoy life(and haters). I'm the type of person who really not confident and was be chagrined with my life, sometimes I felt like why is my life like this, but she give me a reason to survive, I CAN'T TELL what is she have done to me because it's too much, too much. I love you so much sel, words can't describes, I want to be always by your side, ready if you need me, give you everything what you need (if I can) also if you need a kidney/etc, I will donate. I'll always stand by to wait when is the time that I could met Selena Marie Gomez, hug her, kiss her, or maybe we can sing together, it sounds kinda amazing. Your songs, pictures, and news always make my day, you should know you are my everything, when you're sad I also sad, when you're broken I will be more broken, but when you're happy I'll be more happy because I can see my idol happy. Somedays I feel jealous with other selenators who can met you, hug you, kiss you and talk to you, it looks like they are deserves better than me (huft). Can please God give me a chance to me can hug selena?

You are amazing, I'm always proud of you. What you've done always inspires people include me, now keep your healthy sel, it's more important. If you  see this, I want to thank you for always be my inspiration, my baby, my role model. I write this from my whole heart (I crying) I love you so much and see you very soooooooooooooooon honey.