Why are you a Selenator?




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Selena is so inspiring. By telling the world she is living with Lupus has helped so many people know they are not alone with their struggles.   I just wonder if she knows about the police officer who was badly injured in a car wreck and since been diagnosed with Lupus. She has no health insurance. The struggles she faces with that disease and she isn't able to get help. If everyone could check out her page and give her a helping hand it would be appreciated.  Thank you so much.


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I am sad because I would like to talk to you, but I can not do it. I know it's stupid, but that's just true. Can not we even talk about max. 10 minutes, say within two weeks? I understand you are a busy person and many want to talk to you, but I would have relief in my mind if I could just break my thoughts with you.

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Selena has always stayed herself.

She isn't afraid to put herself first without being mean  and she is so humble.

She does what she loves and what is important to her and not what would look good.

She has so much respect for her fans and she is an amazing person.

I've been a selenator since I was 10 years old & I'll be 21 next week. 

She helped me trough some hard moments in life.

Her music speaks to me in so many ways & I love it!

She showed me how important it is to love myself and the people around me.

I can't wait to meet her one day.. 

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Filipa Silva

She is my inspiration, I love her so much since Disney Channel, but now I feel that I really know her, like she is my bestfriend. Sel is becoming fearless and she's growing up so much, I'm so proud of her. I am very grateful to have her as my idol, I really feel a great connection to her. Love you Selena <3  wish you the best.

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She is so genuine and kind despite everything she's been through - the struggles of growing up under the spotlight and intense scrutiny, heartbreak over losing what she believed was the love of her life and all the negativity and hatred from her detractors; the fact that she has remained so true to herself, always treats others with love and respect even though they may not deserve it, and not let fame and bad life experiences corrupt her is testament to her unbelievable strength and purity of heart