Why are you a Selenator?




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heningfasikha's picture

I always want to tell Selena why I become a Selenator, so there is a chance to explain it.

Selena is not only my idol, she is my role model and my godmother, she has been change my life since then until now, not important how long I become a selenator, but for sure I love selena from bottom of my heart. She teach me to be a strong women, carefully, encourages me how to enjoy life(and haters). I'm the type of person who really not confident and was be chagrined with my life, sometimes I felt like why is my life like this, but she give me a reason to survive, I CAN'T TELL what is she have done to me because it's too much, too much. I love you so much sel, words can't describes, I want to be always by your side, ready if you need me, give you everything what you need (if I can) also if you need a kidney/etc, I will donate. I'll always stand by to wait when is the time that I could met Selena Marie Gomez, hug her, kiss her, or maybe we can sing together, it sounds kinda amazing. Your songs, pictures, and news always make my day, you should know you are my everything, when you're sad I also sad, when you're broken I will be more broken, but when you're happy I'll be more happy because I can see my idol happy. Somedays I feel jealous with other selenators who can met you, hug you, kiss you and talk to you, it looks like they are deserves better than me (huft). Can please God give me a chance to me can hug selena?

You are amazing, I'm always proud of you. What you've done always inspires people include me, now keep your healthy sel, it's more important. If you  see this, I want to thank you for always be my inspiration, my baby, my role model. I write this from my whole heart (I crying) I love you so much and see you very soooooooooooooooon honey.


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Selena Gomez, I admire your concern for the hungry children.

I have been working on a plan and design of Hydroponics, Aquaponics, the only survivable future for this country, the children around the world, the environment, Please visit the website: http://aquaponicscal.info/

Affordable Healthcare if we stop eating the deadly toxic food. After viewing the website aquaponicscal.info I am hoping you will assist in finding a FUND RAISER.

Our government is doing almost nothing for the children, the future, the environment. The first lady's mission for healthy eating should not become a passing fad. My plan includes ' Community farming' from children's bedroom window to the neighborhood to a commercial AQUACULTURE entity that includes a full curriculum academy for the farmers children, solar and wind turbines. My design will accommodate the window to the field.


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I m bc she is a living inspiration. And love her only for her talent. I love her because she spreads love, she an angel. They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul and when i look at her eyes i can see that she is pure and kind.She is sensitive and strong at the same time.She inspires me to be better version of myself, to be good and kind. I m 22 years old and i can honestly say that i will support her for the rest of life. I know that i probably will never have the chance to meet her because i live in Greece but that wont stop me to do whatever i can to protect her from harm.And if the haters mess with her, they mess with me too. I wont let them hurt her. As far as i can i will do my best to protect her. Because she deserves to be happy.And to see her beautiful smile is amazing feeling.

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I'm a Selenator because  Selena is my inspiration. She owns up to her actions, spreads kindness and is a prime example of what young woman should be. She loves us so much. I've known her since she was on Barney. That's how I learned about her. Gianna was always my favorite character. Then I saw her play Mikayla on Hannah Montana and then I started watching her on WOWP. I had WOWP sandals with her face on them. She always made me happy.  I even got to see her in concert on June 1st 2016. That will always be my favorite day of my life. She will always be my inspiration and my motivation to become a person. 

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I've loved Selena literally since i was a baby she was my favorite on barney and after barney I still liked her i am now 13 years old and I have loved her for 13 years, she is amazing. She's true to herself, to her fans and to everyone. She is so talented and BEAUTIFUL and when i say beautiful I mean STUNNING absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Selena is so kind and is there for her fans which is one of the things I love about her. She is an amazing person and I LOVE HER SOOO MUCH, no words can explain how much I love her. She treats her fans like family, and she only wants the best for everyone.

Whenever I'm sad, or mad and I listen to Selena's music or watch her on anything, she just instantly makes me smile. I feel like I can relate so much to her and her music, and if I see her sad, or if i see her cry, I become sad or cry because it breaks my heart seeing a person as wonderful as Sel being hurt and called bad things when she's PURE AMAZING.

I am a Selenator all the way. I saw her in one of the concerts in her Stars Dance tour, she was incredible and I want to see her again. I talk about Selena all the time, my cousins, brother and friends are like "OH MY GOSH will you ever SHUT UP about Selena Gomez!" I would always reply "NEVER"! 

To me Selena is one of the most important people in my life, she is my idol, my queen, my role model. I love Selena like a sister. I promise that I will always be an extreme Selenator! And if I make that promise to you I will keep it!

I am a Selenator because Selena is so real and down to earth. I'm a selenator because she cares. I'm a selenator for many many many reasons, if i listed them all this comment would never end!