Why are you a Selenator?




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maloneangelyn418's picture

 I love you Selena

Montserrat_Calderon's picture

i lover her, because she makes me happy with only a song, i really love her, she is my only idol, she is so strong and that is everything, i would say more than 13 resons why to describe why i love her, i love being Selenator, i have been since i was eight years old and continues to cause the same happiness with a song. I love you, Selena

my_sunshine_sg's picture

I don't know.. It's just very cool to be Selenator. She has helped so many people and children. She is an amazing person. So much all she had to endure for 24 years, but she's not giving up, she continues to live and believe in the best. She is a very strong woman. She's cool. I don't know as far as I Selenator, but at least I want to be a part of this, want to be part of Selenation. I love her songs and movies, I love her words. I often think of her advice and understand how important her message. Her words help me not to pay attention to some bad people, to see beauty in simple things and understand that each person, every girl is beautiful in their own way. Also it helps me believe in my dreams, although there are moments when you want to give them up. Just thank you Selena and thank your mom, because I know that she is the best. Thanks..

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tbh, I don't know where to start. She is amazing. Beyond amazing. I don't know where I would be without her. Honestly. She is my idol and always has been from day one. She is just such a good role model, especially to women. most songs these days just sing about girls bodies and how they want to get with every boy/girl in the world. Selena doesn't. She sings about things she knows and things that are real. the message she brings across to her fans in unbelievable. It just reassures you that everything will be fine and that no matter how you look you worth something more than you can imagine. I love that she is so respectful to everyone and I wish that every human being would look at Selena and take her message. I know Selena has definitely heard things like what I have said before and she probably already knows this but, Selena if you do ever read this, just know that all the rough times I've had in my life, you have been the one to get me through them. I wake up excited to put in my earphones and blare out your songs, even if it is 6 o'clock in the morning. your music just puts me in an extremely good mood and I'm always ready to take on the world carrying your message in my head all the time. I love you so much Selena and wish and pray that I meet you one day for real not just in my dreams. xxxx

miglesias336's picture

I'm a selenator because she has inspired me.. I love her music. She has the biggest heart in the world, she has taught me And other girls to be who you are, be strong. She is a very strong woman. If I was born a million times I would always be a selenator. Selena Marie gomez is my idol. I'm proud that I'm a selenator. A comment can't express how I feel about Selena. I LOVE YOU SELENA MARIE GOMEZ!