What is Your Favorite Song From The 13 Reasons Why Soundtrack?

Listen here: smarturl.it/13ReasonsWhy





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Back to you and Only you 

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Back to you and Lovely

Love you sooo much Selena

 Lots lots of LOVE from India

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Love you selena

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I'm watching you on the phone. now you're flying on tv. these shock are your eyes. I got chills . I'm afraid to see you live. but I live at the end of the world, it is impossible to meet you here. I think I can be calm.I am afraid of my heart from a knock harder. and I heard that it hurts. how the person for whom the heart starts beating will leave us. now he pretends he does not understand what's happening to me. I explain that this is not feasible and not possible. to meet you . this is true ?I like everything in you. I can not find anything that would give im a reason to leave you. lack . you are perfect .