What is your favorite Selena song?

Talk about your favorite songs here.



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My favorite song is "Who Says", because it makes me feel much better . I had a bad school time between my fifth and tenth grade and when i´m listening to this beautiful song I think : Nobody can do anything to let me feel worthless anymore. Who says  that I am not perfect ? That are only people who think that they are not perfect and to feel better they try to make other people feel bad.

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Selena's <a href="https://fakaza2019.org">Music</a> is soo spiritual

Like <a href="https://fakazamusic.org/tag/kwiish-sa/">Kwiish Sa</a>'s <a href="https://hiphopza.com/kwiish-sa-spiritual-sounds-mix-vol-9/">Spiritual SoundsSelena's Music is soo spiritualLike Kwiish Sa's Spiritual Sounds

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Can't get enough!