What is your favorite Selena song?

Talk about your favorite songs here.



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mariakarvela's picture

hard question. Well first of all, ALL the revival album is just masterpiece.I LOVE every single song from this album. Then i guess is ghost of you, The heart wants what it wants ( This song breaks my heart every singe time.Its BEAUTIFUL) Same old love, Hands to myself, A year without rain, FETISH, God i cant stop...I told you i love all of them it is hard to choose only one

lovewithsellyg's picture

Perfect, sober, me and my girls, hit the lights, do it, undercover, save the day, their,cagi, are a few

gurlee9's picture

Selena was my favourite since i was 2 i used to watch her on tv. When i was 4/5 years old my favourite songs by Selena were Love you like a love song, naturally, who says and round and round. Now they're Bad Liar, all the songs from Revival, come and get it, it ain't me, slow down and the heart wants what it wants. I really hope you read this Selena, because i want you to know how big of a Selenator i am! I love you so much <3

beyzabeyza121's picture

Of course Sober. I want to a music video for this song :(

heyhaima's picture

rock god