What is your favorite Selena song?

Talk about your favorite songs here.



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heyhaima's picture

rock god

ddaniyal5656's picture

The Hearts What it Wants,Love you like a love song,Come and Get,kill em with a kindness

Laura_Hahn's picture

Love you like a love song,Hit the lights,Come and Get it,Who Says ,Perfect,Round and Round,Love will Remember,A Year Without Rain,Me And The Rythm ,The Heart wants what it wants 

kozynecdarina's picture

Hands to myself, we don't talk anymore, sober, Kill em with Kindness, same old love, the heart want it wants, come and get it, it ain't me, only you, good for you, forget forever, slow down, naturally 

Montserrat_Calderon's picture

i will say Who Says and Camouflege, but i can not decide