What is your favorite Selena song?

Talk about your favorite songs here.



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Atuhairwe_Eunice's picture

    my favourites are wolves,cologne,nobody,fetish,come and get it,and so much more this year it is wolves,last was cologne like all selenas songs are damm good

gersongomez's picture

i love all hers song i just love her so much love you sg

heningfasikha's picture

Okay BUT what I likes most is selena's fetus songs, come&get it, who says, a year without rain, love will remember, the heart wants what it wants, we own the night, tell me something i don't know, slow down & i like it that way. Also her new songs revival(album), fetish, bad liar, it aint me.

briannarhodes20's picture

this is the most difficult question i've ever been asked..

BUT i do love the throwback Rock God, and I looove Like a Champion and Nobody

Jason Morahan's picture
Jason Morahan

I'm most thankful for "kill them with kindness". I was living in a very bad house a few weeks ago, with some petty criminals downstairs and they made some much older and far more dangerous criminals very angry, who came around and when they couldn't find the small time thugs came upstairs and robbed me instead. All this makes you sort of angry at every childish irresponsible little brat in the universe but I chilled out and just let the cops deal with it, who found the burglars but then since I was prosecuting them they came back a couple of weeks ago and kicked in the door and beat me with a steel bar. Got a broken wrist and ribs but fought them off. Kind of starting to get annoyed at these people at this point, not a good idea for them but I still don't want to go to dark places. So I've been going to work with a broken wrist and ribs trying to do my labouring job properly, I've been fending for myself since 16 so really can't afford to lose a good paying job but in labouring it's easy to lose a good paying job, it's not exactly brain surgery. So anyways that song really chilled me out, makes me happy, like Selena Gomez songs and videos really do a lot. Make me happy. There's why that one in particular would be my favourite, saved somebody's arse.