What is your favorite Selena song?

Talk about your favorite songs here.



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I love u Selly G's picture
I love u Selly G

1.  I Won’t Apologize- Selena’s first written song with her band and I feel like it’s almost the only one with meaning of the Kiss&Tell album. Everything she does herself is better.

2. Back to you- It’s just a fun song that always makes me happy and I can’t listen to it without smiling.

3. Who says- A song that almost everyone loves. The ones that’s doesn’t, we call them crazy. Selena’s who says gives you confidence and happiness, makes you feel like there is no one that can bring you down.

4. Lose you to love me- I cried when I found out about her releasing a new song. I was so happy. I set an alarm at 00.00 to see if she had released it. I just love the track because of her ending a chapter of her life that was filled with happiness and sadness.

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Bad Liar. The voice, production, video, everything!! is so good

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"A year without rain." It's simple and i understand sence of clip. So long story..((

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My favorite song from Selena Gomez is Who Says from the movie Monte Carlo

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