What is your favorite Selena song?

Talk about your favorite songs here.



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Icecap's picture

I liked wolves,hands to myself,and fetish.

jocelynnaburto's picture

come & get it, the heart wants what it wants! 

Atuhairwe_Eunice's picture

    my favourites are wolves,cologne,nobody,fetish,come and get it,and so much more this year it is wolves,last was cologne like all selenas songs are damm good

gersongomez's picture

i love all hers song i just love her so much love you sg

heningfasikha's picture

Okay BUT what I likes most is selena's fetus songs, come&get it, who says, a year without rain, love will remember, the heart wants what it wants, we own the night, tell me something i don't know, slow down & i like it that way. Also her new songs revival(album), fetish, bad liar, it aint me.