What is your favorite lyric from Wolves?

Listen to "Wolves" here: 




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Patrick_J_Delaney's picture

I’ve been running with the wolves, to get to ewe...

Ronan_Gomez's picture

In your eyes there's a heavy blue

One to love and one to lose.

Ismael_Camacho's picture

To get to you is my favorite lyric. It makes me think that I’m worth remembering that someone loves me and we’re searching for each other. 

I love u Selly G's picture
I love u Selly G

“Blindly I, am following. Break down these walls, and come on in.”

I really love that because it just feels so raw and idk just love it!

Giriraj_joshi's picture

I've been running through the jungle

I've been running with the wolves

To get to you, to get to you

I've been down the darkest alleys

Saw the dark side of the moon

To get to you, to get to you