What gives you hope?

Selena talks about wanting people to feel hope after listening to Lose You To Love Me. What gives you hope and helps you get through those tough times to come out a stronger and better version of yourself on the other side?  

Lose You To Love Me is out now. Listen HERE and check out the video, shot on iPhone, below and on Apple Music.



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I aand I final made the move to transformm a transgender girl Selena lackey

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I love you Selena. Love from Togel Singapore

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First of all, loads or wishes and prayers for Selena's wellbeing and health. Hope a miracle from heaven touches her body and she ge`ts better with time. While i ofcourse have followed details of her health, well being in the news from time to time, tbh i have very sadly and unfortunately not had a chance to follow much of her music career, as being 4-5 odd years elder than her and in college during 'Wizards...'...while i recall seeing her as a child actor in the show and absolutely though that she was gr8 on the show, i did sadly miss her on her life as a music star in her own might as i was always tied to music of the 70s-90s bryan adams, savage garden, westlife and such and didnt progress to the latter ones (talk about living in the wrong era :)), but having now followed her music a few weeks ago in Dec 2019, i almost cant stop bingeing on her work and i feel so bad to have missed so many of her music career years (lots to make up for). And thankfully Rare has just come out adding to the treasure that she has given the world and her fans over the years. I also learnt how some of her music has helped young girls with a reason to cheer (songs like 'Who Says', "Kill em with kindness" for younger gen to learn things from) and how they (esp little girls) look upto her as a role model. And also on other things, while she could have had the option to close herself during some of her rough emotional times and the easier thing to do, her openly sharing her emotions and songs reflecting her good times and the bad m sure has helped many young people in their not so good days of their journeys on earth, be it with regard to depression or breakup or anything at all, making them feel they are never alone. Personally i think, its just a mighty heart that she has that has made her make a decision to share her life intimately with the world, so others could find solace, hope and learning through her, her music and her experiences. Lets remember she didnt have to and could have closed her personal life, but she made a difficult choice to channel it to her work in the hope that others receive the encouragement in their journeys. So a huge hats off. And this level of maturity and more importantly purity of heart is unprecedented. She is truly an angel...

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selena gives me hope. She teaches me to be patient . and with her new album, rare, she teaches me that i will be okay on my own. Selena is who i have looked up to since 2010 watching Wizards for the first time and then going to her concert later on. I want to meet her so bad and hope that she comes to saint louis so i can tell her in person how much her and her music have helped me through my roughest patches i will ever go through. But i always play one of her songs and i hear her amazing voice and it just makes me so happy no matter if the song is perfect from revival or dance again rare. No matter what she never failed me and i hope she gets to see this and that it makes her day and that i can give back a sliver of what she has done for me these past 10 years . 

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Love gives me hope and family ❤️