What gives you hope?

Selena talks about wanting people to feel hope after listening to Lose You To Love Me. What gives you hope and helps you get through those tough times to come out a stronger and better version of yourself on the other side?  

Lose You To Love Me is out now. Listen HERE and check out the video, shot on iPhone, below and on Apple Music.



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liquidcaliber484's picture

When you've no hope of your own and you see someone feeling the pain that you have felt. Not knowing how but seeing them through it. When you later see them smile in happiness you realize you've no longer the need to search for it. Sometimes the pain doesn't go away. You've no idea how much you're needed or even the answers to give, but that day will come when you lift someone from their sorrows. That's when you'll be able to smile again. Thanks for sharing your hearts everyone. Wish I had more of an answer.

ciscosevilla1's picture

“I loved her against reason, against promise, against peace, against hope, against happiness, against all discouragement that could be.”


Charles Dickens

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honestly Selena gives me hope.She always come stronger, brighter than ever. She inspires me .

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What gives me hope 


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First of all, my name is Hope. I wanna share why my name is Hope. When my mom was 16 she got pregnant. She told mw how before she was pregnant she didn't care about her body or what she was doing with her life. After she found out she was pregnant with me she stopped drinking, going out, and having sex. She told me I saved her life. I gave her Hope. And that's why my name is Hope. What gives me hope when I'm feeling down is honestly my idols. I look up mainly to Selena and Taylor. Whenever they put out music that I can relate to I feel hopeful. They're older than me so I know whatever I'm going through now at 21, they have already been through and made it out the other side so I know I can too.