What does REVIVAL mean to you?



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mariakarvela's picture

For me is a chance to be a better version of myself. More confident and sure about my dessions. Thats why Sel's songs have helped me so much. I will be 90 and i am still going to listen to her songs. They bring the best of me. And i m greatful to have her in my life. 

lovewithsellyg's picture

It means a chance of rebirth. Growing as a person and learning from your mistakes. It also means bettering yourself to be a better person. It makes you a stronger person. 

angelicagarciara02's picture

Para mi, REVIVAL significa mucho, por que marca el fin de una era y el comienzo de otra.

Selena nos enseñó mucho en este álbum, nos enseñó que todo se puede con una buena actitud, disposición y carácter  ( entre muchas otras cosas) y pues que si tenemos un sueño, hay que luchar por ello, también de este álbum y de Selena aprendí que hay que queremos como somos, yo soy Latina  (México) y me siento orgullosa de mis raíces 

kerimedemiray35's picture

SELENA'nın kendini bulması yada geri dönmesi

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To me, REVIVAL means so may things. It means reliving, starting over, having support from others etc. It actually has a very strong power in its meaning, it basically means to start over with everything and improve everything you do to become a better person. Now this may sound like a very small thing but its actually a big deal. Some people can start over from being a drug, alcohol, sex etc. addict. It can also be as simple as starting over from being mean to others.