What does REVIVAL mean to you?



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Mirab_Choudhry's picture

REVIVAL means to me that being alive being so confidence being so real and i realy wanna meet u by god u are the best singer i ever seen in my life u are so powerful so good u make my day happy. i love you Selena Gomez

saanya_04's picture

To me REVIVAL means being alive and living your life to the fullest, gaining confidence in life and things i do and just being able to revive back from the past and live.

Gick's picture

Going through a very difficult time, loosing it, but out of the woods,  you are stronger then ever. By the way, dear Selena, I LOVE you. Jeff

Amanda_Cunha1's picture

Ele significa pra mim o início de uma nova era, o renascimento de uma Deusa, e sinceramente, ele representa o que todos nós queríamos, uma nova tour, que ficara em nossos corações, e claro uma das melhores épocas<3

E sim sou brasileira, falo Português e apoio a campanha: #SelenaComeToBrasil

dvd3snchz's picture

Call me 909-745-9023 David Sanchez don't be hating.....lol k bye