What do you love about yourself?

Lose You To Love Me encourages you to let go of the negative attitudes and people in your life. What do you love about yourself? 

Lose You To Love Me is out now. Listen HERE and check out the video, shot on iPhone, below and on Apple Music.



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ciscosevilla1's picture

I love that I am loved. I have been through many hardships and hang ups in life that led down a path of despair and misery, but had I not gone through these afflictions I would have never been this close to an Amazing God. Everyone gave up on me including myself, but I see know that this was necessary for me to truly see how much He loves me. Hope it makes sense. Blessings 

Actress_Zehra's picture

I love who I am, what I mean is I love the way I do things. I am a passionate person and I can really feel the shine in my eyes when I talk about something I love, plus I love saying this is me, this is who I am to people especially to my loved ones. I wish people saw my heart instead of my body when they look at me, and when I know a person which really loves my heart and feels who I really am I become speechless. I think that's everything I wanted!   I know it's not possible but hope you read this Selena! Love you more than anything!    if you read this, here's my instagram account please let me know it!             - Instagram;  fzp2003

  - Actress Zehra

marthen.tamsin's picture

Dat ik slim,knap en sportief ben... En dat ik je leuk vind!

nayomipaul123's picture

I love that sometimes when I feel like giving up, there's this part of my mind that says,"No,don't you dare give up!". BTW, biggest Selena Gomez fan!! 

Lesbi_Rox_Andino's picture

The care I have for people and my organizing skills  . I LOVE you Selena!! - from Stafford VA