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The official lyrics to EVERY song on Sel's new album are on Genius now! Submit your REVIVAL lyric artwork on the thread below AND your Twitter handle for a chance to be featured on @SelenaFanClub this week :)

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Can't wait to see your submissions ;)

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Sonnie Boy's picture
Sonnie Boy

How you doing Selena, here's a couple drawings and a short kind of a doddle painting i did kind of a Tim Barton speed draw. nice to meet you, i'm alot older than you in show business myself, but i never signed a contract with anyone in my life and have never been paid a cent either for everything i gave into this wacket lol, but i'm still standing and you keep your head up and be careful dealing with Nutbush City, you know that Bob Segar tune? later, your popcorn lol ... 

Danielafrmz's picture

I realy need your help to teach me how to be a good singer, I don't really need to be famous but I always want to sing and I think that maybe you can teach me how grow... Wll let me know(tw: @danielafrs) , btw what a song ❤️ 

aylinmanzanita's picture

hola selena quiero decirte que soy una gran admiradora tuya y adoro tu trabajo, tu musica y tus canciones son una gran inspiracion para mi. creo que eres una mujer fuerte que ha sabido enfrentar todos sus problemas y espero poder algun dia conocerte y poder cantar contigo

alexliamen's picture

What are you seek Selena ?

I wrote a whole litany of your eyes :)))))))

And the question arose at the end of what look for Selenka in life ???????

Why do you have a problem fulfill your dream?

What you are looking for in life ?????

ALEX send a warm hug and wish you health.

munozlizette1's picture

Hi Selena I have been a fan of you since I was a little girl and you get me through tough times . I just want you to be safe and happy even though I don't know you personally but you are a good person I know it. My one wish is to prove to everyone I can be successful and to meet you . If I could meet you just once I would live the rest of my life happy and in peace