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Gabriel_Gal's picture

Face me, I watched it all!

No place to hide on my dominion.

Oh, how cute, you want my help?

You who did all that?

I’ll do it by all means!

Accept it or not, they’re already on you…

Oh, that fast you arrived?

Now rest and then, THat work…

You, all there, offer him the nine star treatment.

Ministers of health and music, make that work smooth!

I am the queen of Black Star and here is my advice:

Don’t do trouble to my husband and father

If they catch you… Oh my goodness, that fast you cought them

Male Voice: I present them to you!

Her: No, go the Fast Judge!

Male voice: Lawyer permited?

Her: Yes, himself be that!

Male voice: If guilty?

Her: Just go!

The King: Hey you! ( to her)

Her: Yeh, yes, got it, bye, I’ll make it.

The King: All of you guards and you two Generals, go with her!

Her; If they come I’m insured, with Him as Father would come out Perfect

Someone in the Court: What kind of perfect?

Beyond the beyond, take care of it all!


0741635447 Romania number. I'm your father, damn it!

matteomaraite's picture

Hello Selena! Since I was a little child I follow you! You are my idol, my life! I am Belgian, I thus speak French. I t ' send this message because you never come in Belgium and I would so much like to meet you! I do not see you just as a star or an idol, no, I see you as a woman who changed my life! In the moments sad I think of you! Only made think of you, I feel better! Here is simply pout tell you that I love very much you!

sertanertas36's picture

merhaba ben senin türk hayranınım selena gomez ben seni 2012 den beri takip ediyorum daha uzunda ola bilir ben senin için naptıysam görmedin instagramdan yaklasık 6,000 paylasım attım suanki intagramım ruzgargomez benim için bana bakarmısın lütfen :)

GDovlet's picture

Hi S.G. How are you?! 

karamcintyre10's picture

Justin Bieber's Mom doesn't like you cause your a bad lair, you can't keep your hand to yourself, cause you won't walk em to the dark side in the morning, you won't rock em when the sun won't let em see, you won't drive em home when he's drunk and all alone, and your killing people with kindness.