REVIVAL Cover Contest

Time for a cover contest - We want to see your REVIVAL covers on YouTube! You can sing any song off of Selena's new album. Leave a comment below with the link to your video & your Twitter handle. @SelenaFanClub will announce a new winner every other Monday for the month of November starting on November 2nd! The winner will have their video featured on the official @SelenaFanClub Twitter account & will receive a signed poster from Selena :)

Winner Announcement Schedule
November 2nd // @camillasvoodoo -
November 16th // @SalinaMelanie16  -
November 30th // @seleniftie -



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hi, just wanted to say here that I covered It Ain't Me! Hope you like it :)


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hi, just wanted to say here that I covered It Ain't Me! 

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Hello inspiration <3 i love you so much.  You inspire me to do better and give my best. I hope you continue your good work and spread happiness always like you do now. much love.

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She my hero everyday and i wish more peoples follow her