How has Selena inspired you?



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She has  been my inspiration since her first alumb

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I'm contacting you because I was worried about you based on the last events of your life.

Worry struck me for the first time about you and I felt the need to write this letter.

I am no one of those pursuing fans, who only wants your attention, your money, your fame or your love.

I'm a man of your age who grew up with you, watching you shine on television as an actress and listening to your wonderful songs as a singer.

For me, if the United States of America were a monarchy, you would be and you will always be the Queen of this stunning country, to which I dream one day to have the privilege of being able to obtain this splendid nationality because, although we do not choose nationality at birth, we can choose the nationality we want until we die.

As you know, what is publicly or supposedly thought to be public, I know something of your life, especially your amorous dislikes, your problems with drugs and your health problems, among others.

Of course I'll never really know what's going on in your life unless you talk to me about it one day, because you and only you can talk about your life. No one else has that power, you own and mistreat your destiny.

What I really want to convey to you is that, despite the abyss that you may find yourself at this very moment, derived from your illness, the dark side that wealth and fame has or why you may never find true love, soul "Twin, I want you to know that you have half the world looking at you, who likes you, who loves you and who suffers when you are less positive.

You are such a unique and pure being, that no matter how bad you do on this planet, which I believe you do not have at all; you will always be a symbol of paradise on earth.

You will always be an example to all women, the highest point that there will ever be full equality between men and women in global society, that you, women, can also have the strength of a man, just as a man can have the sensitivity of a woman, that there is hope against the persecution of gender and that, although the end is inevitable, it will always be worth living, if only to say that I live and that in the time I lived there was a person called Selena Marie Gomez and this same person was the light in the middle of darkness.

Remember that when you feel that there is no way out, a cure, for all the evil you can carry, there will be at least one person in this world who will be happy only with a smile of yours.

Never feel sorry for you and do not forget to always shine in your own way, you do not need me to remind you what you know how to do.

Allow me to leave a suggestion: learn to speak Portuguese.Portuguese is a passionate language similar to Spanish.There are words that only exist in this language such as "Saudade".Seek the meaning of this word and perhaps you realize what I mean.Here's a tip: it's a feeling.

A special kiss from a person who someday dreams to cross their eyes with yours


                                                                                                                                                          Artur Nobre Mendes

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I see a beautiful young lady with a beautiful voice. Who must be under extreme pressure. My heartbroke when I read about your anxiety. I was never one to have anxiety or begin to understand it until the age of 60. I wondered how I could go on with life like this. I had faith, I prayed, but it remained with me. Then I did research and found the answer for me. I just wanted to reach out and let you know of a book I read that made such a difference. I went on Amazon to find something to help me and when I read the review on this book I decided to try it. It worked and worked quickly. I'm not affiliated with the author. It is called Dare : The New way to End Anxiety and stop Panic Attacks Fast by Barry McDonagh. He has all kinds of programs but all I needed was the book. I know you have programs to help you. But I just thought I'd pass it on because it worked for me. I don't want to see anyone going through this hell. How it consumes your every waking thought. I pray you find your answers.

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Hi Salina, I'm Derek. I don't know to much about your career and music. I know more about you through my friend's kids. Her kid's like your music a lot. I saw a headline on bing "Selena Gomez 'Feels Responsible' for People: 'There’s a Lot of Pressure'" and I want to say you are not alone and I know exactly how you feel! I am the person in my family and circle of friends that I always try to help out and try to do small things that make their life better. When you love people so much and  you know they love you too but are not willing to put in the same effort as you are to help/or maintain a friendship. People don't realize how much this actually affects the person and it can be debilitating more than anyone knows. I used to be the happiest person in the world. When I was 21 ( I worked for Fry's Electronics and managed to get a Store Credit card of $9000. And I learned about credit in a hard way because I spent every last penny buying other people stuff. I think I bought everyone an iPod lol at least. I figured if it gave me happiness then why shouldn't everyone experience it. Well I ended up going into the Navy and when I got back all my friends had moved on and my family was dynamically different and even though I had all these friends that I kept in touch with throughout the Navy, when I got home they had moved, married, or had kids. My best friend 6 months before I was out was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. So even though I had people to talk to I had no companionship. If your like me, empathy plays a huge part in your life, and while it is good at times it drains a lot out of ourselves. After I got back my life went down hill. I got so depressed I quit taking care of myself , hard to keep a job, I got so depressed i didn't even care about brushing my teeth and I lost some which for me being a person who loves to interact with people really sinks in more depression. Now I have one friend regularly see and it's honestly not that healthy of a friendship but it's all I have so I cling to it.  I haven't overcome all this still but I have learned to manage it a little so if you would like to talk anytime let me know. It's hard going through life seeing the good in people first before the bad, whereas most people see the bad things first before the good.

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I don't know you and I won't pretend to know you. You are a face among faces: a truly gorgeous face. But I won't pretend to know what's real and what isn't. The person you are and the person I see on my screen cannot possibly be the same.

I cannot imagine spending my entire life smiling 24/7. Having everyone scream my name. Everyone wanting to get to know me or talk to me, but never wanting the truth. Not having time to be sad or to freak out even if I wanted to. And knowing that the people that get me the most... are the same people that have millions of other people screaming their name every night. The people who are notoriously excellent fakers.

You got picked up by Disney soooo young. From there, you took flight and you have soared for years without touching the ground. And now, I finally see you stumble. I just saw the news. I have no idea if it's true or not. I really don't care. I just want you to know, regardless of who you are or who you're not, you will get through this.

I don't care how good of an actress you are... I have always seen strength in you. That's something you can't fake. And if it takes you falling down, getting up, and falling all over again, that's ok. There are so many people out there who have survived unbelievable circumstances. I know you will get through this, true story or not.

From one human being to another,

I really hope you get well soon. Or screw it, get better and take a looooong vacation. Please. If anyone deserves it, you deserve it.

Hannah Banana :)