How has Selena inspired you?



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mehkgomez2's picture

sel is just my fav singer actor my strength in everyway.. she is beautiful and i dont care whatevr her past maybe cause its what the future that she is going to do..

Josemtapia96's picture

Selena inspires me to live a better life. she is the bravest lady out there in the universe. I care and love who she has became throughtout

Leidy_Marin's picture

I can't explain well this because i can't express my feelings. When i see Sel when i see her smile is I feel so happy. If i imagen that i can meet her in a future i cry just to imagine it. For me Sel is the most beautiful woman in this world <3 I don't if she is going to read this but i hope it. She have to know how much i love her also she have to know she is my inspiration in my life, in my goals, my look, my self-steem. 

24stoverh's picture

Selena is my inspiration because she is brave to break up with Justin Bieber cause she knows that he is a totes jerk  and she makes me want to sing to the world i have a you tube channel but i never sing because i thought i wasn't good but once i found my favorite singer Selena i got my inspiration to sing out to the world even if i'm not that good. 

ashleyrojas0420's picture

Selena Gomez has always been an inspiration to me she stays strong  and no matter how many hatters are out there she kills them with kindness!!