How has Selena inspired you?



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She elegantly makes sure to remind fans like us and just people in general, that we are all humans who go through hard things but we are all still beautiful and connected because of that. She is vulnerable in order to reach others and help them and inspire them, and that inspires me<3

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She inspired me to be the best version of myself, to follow my dreams no matter what and to love myself first. She made me happier than I've ever been.

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ATTN: Selena understand the gift of life- and so do we. 

Did you know 54% of donated organs are discarded every year? That’s over 40k organs. Please watch this video about how former Hawkeye football player life was saved by the selfless act of a nurse and how that has lead to a career in the organ transplant industry.

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Theres not even enough words for me to explain. You are such a wonderful,beautiful and talented human being. You inspired me by many things. From all the charitys you have done like WE Day and Unicef that inspired me to help the world too. Also your songs like Who Says, Kill Em With Kindness, Rise and many more have made me very happy. You dont understand how much you inspire me and millions of other people. You also inspired me to become a singer! Well, still working on that haha. I have been with you since 2010 and will never leave. I have a fanpage for you on instagram (@livelaughselena), my friends dont like you much but i will forever be a selenator, even if they tell me not to. I love you so much Selena. I always will. 

From,  Autumn 

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Hi Selene, how have you inspired me ?

I was inspired by you, the first time I saw you on TV .

I'm kind of a history nut, and I was sitting on my couch, reading an article on line, about Braceros, witch are Mexican migrant workers mostly men and some women who came from city's like Coahuila and La Comarca Mexico , who worked on California plantation, back in the 1910 to the 1970's.

about an hour later I woke up and I saw this beautiful young lady on TV playing shoe golf, on the Jimmy Fallon show, what I saw, was a down to earth, real and all around nice person , with a great laugh and great smile.

You inspired me to write a script, about a young women, a migrant worker who falls in love with a plantation owners son. 

Now I just need the courage and inspiration to send it to an agent.

Thank you S.M.G