How has Selena inspired you?



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You are truly a gift from God. I have been dicriminated against at my job gor having emotions & reassigned twice. I suffer from depression, anxiety and panic attacks. My husband id disabled and we are financially sinking which makes things worse. 

Thank you for speaking out about mental illness.


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Selena has been my absolutely favorite actor/singer every since i was old enough to know what it ment lol. well i am  almost 17 now an she is still my fav! selena music has helped me through allot in the past year.. my mom got diagnosed with cancer an it was a really hard time with all the surgeries  an doctor appts. I still have her first ablum she released on my ipod. i just listen to her songs over an over. they help me so much! your such an inspiration!!!! I will always will love an support selena!!! keep up the great work hun an hope glad ur surgery went well!

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Just like you, I have Lupus also. I do not know many people who have it and life often times feels very lonely no matter how many people may be around. Everyday life seems to be a struggle on a multitude of different levels and I'm glad you speak out about the disease. Fortunately for you, you are able to take time to care for your self, such as going to treatment facilities and in general just taking time for your self. I do not have the ability to do that. With two children and my monthly responsibilities, I am forced to work full time and the important parts of my life, my kids, get very little good out of me because the stressors of work, finances, and raising children have my energy completely depleted. I try explaining this to others, but they don't understand because they don't know what it is to have Lupus. My husband and I are planning for me to stop working due to my illness once my student loans are paid off, but at this point, I won't be close to taking care of my self for years as I'm having trouble holing a job due to the amount of time Lupus takes me out of work. I feel like I'm spiraling into a dark pit and all I want is for my kids to have the good 'happy' parts of their mommy and for me to not stress out about finances of student loans and to just take care of me. Sorry for the sob story, I just don't feel like anybody understands what I'm truly saying because Lupus really is an invisible disease to the rest of the healthy population. I know you understand. You are doing amazing Selena and I'm happy you are on the uphill. You look amazing and you give me a boost in motivation every time I feel like I just can't go forward. I'm rooting for you girl. Thank you for being you. 

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selena was my first idol/role model. i have been a fan of her acting career for a long time and i think her music is exceptional. selena helped me realize that i want to be in the entertainment business when i'm older, pursue my acting career. she's also showed me that you can accomplish anything you put your mind too. i hope one day i can meet her in person and tell her how she has changed my life and shaped me into the person i am today❤️

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She has inspired me in so many ways,she is rich and that makes me hustle more though its really hard for me,be so good and she remains sweet though she has all the money.i can make half her salary in the next 100 years hahaha