How has Selena inspired you?



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Stephanie_Armendariz's picture

I am proud of her strength and dedication despite her diagnosis of lupus. I am a pediatric rheumatology nurse and take care of kids with lupus. We host a camp every year in Texas for pediatric lupus patients and I would love nothing more than for Selena to surprise our campers this year. I would love for her or her publicist to contact me regarding this. It would be a true blessing to our lupus patients who are going through what she is going through as well and show them they can have a successful life despite their chronic diagnosis. Thank you so much!  

kryisharajan773's picture

Selena gomez has inspired me to never give up on my dreams and has always 

bimboogundipe's picture

She is the most inspirational person in my life, she makes me what to live my life, when things are going wrong. I listen to her and see her smile cause she is the most fun person.

meganhelmkamp10's picture

Selena's life story is the most inspirational story I've ever heard in my life. The way she started from the clear bottom and just kept working and working and not letting anyone get in her way is amazing. This is great for me considering I'm an athlete and I have to work my butt off for hours and hours to be the best I can. She inspires me to keep putting in those hours and push through it.

adithyaraja256's picture

Selena is so positive....Im very attached to her.......