How has Selena inspired you?



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cassandrastout01's picture

I look up to Selena Gomez. She is so strong and doesn't take crap from anyone. She is beautiful and sings from the heart. When she first became a singer my mom got me her album and I loved her since then. Thank you Selena.

Mohamad199811's picture

Selena I know this might sound cheesy or like untrue, but you kind of saved me. A couple of years ago I've hit a hard patch. Someone close to me died, and i was depressed, sad, angry, and I was kind of bullied in school. However, whenever I listen to your music, your voice i get overwhelmed with feelings of peace, love, and kindness. You inspired me to be a better man, to be happy and never to give up. So I started to stand for myself, even tho they beated the crap out of me lol, I learned from you how stand up for myself. You're my role model Selena, and I hope one day, all of us selenators can have your back in your time of need as you had ours. I know this comment won't reach to you, but I just wanted to tell you my story and how you helped me. I hope someday I will be lucky enough to meet you because you're such an amazing person.

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She is the most amazing person in the world. Her music is the best! She inspires me every single day! I am watching over and over again her live performances and speaches and I am thinking how is it possible to be like her? She is a real life hero! She saved me, seriously, but that's a really long story...cause I wanted to kill myself and stuff...She also treached me a lot of things and she made me realise the point of being kind to each other , and inspire, and love people! I am trying to be like her, not in clothing and all those things, I am trying to act like her, to love myself, to be kind and all those things...I won't think Selena will ever notice me, I am just one more fan of her, but I think, If I had the change to talk to her and explain her how much I love her and what she means to me and what I am really trying to do right now, she would be proud of me! I have to say I am not perfect, but I am loyal, and I will love her forever no matter what, cause she deserves it...cause she is MY HERO! 

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faithful to her