How has Selena inspired you?



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pgtweed's picture

Selena inspires me to be a better person. Today I'm sad after hearing my Uncle Jim Barcus died the day before yesterday. He served in the Air National Guard at the base near McGee-Tyson airport in Alcoa Tennessee. He was married to my Mother's younger sister Annabelle from Maryville Tennessee. He lived the last 25 years in Ohio.

XxGetTheSirensVeilxX's picture

Selena Gomez has inspired me because she is such a strong person emotionally. Whenever I hear her music, I always smile and sing along. Selena has went through really tough times, with breakups and fame. She keeps herself together and doesn't let the fame get to her head. She is my role model forever and always. <3 

Love you to infinity and beyond Sel Go! 

fernanda.cabello's picture

Me inspira en gran calidad como persona, es hermosa tanto por dentro como por fuerza, su amor incondicional por su familia, amigos y hacia nosotros, es completamente maravillosas, me inspira como ser humano y porque a pesar de todas las dificultades que se le han presentado en el camino, a sabido salir a delante de una manera intachable, también me inspira su honestidad y su lealtad :)


keerthanajc07's picture

 Selena is an amazing person ruling the hearts of many... She is such a cutie with a beautiful heart... Love her for who she is... Love you Selena... Wish I have a chance to see you some day... :-)

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I have a billion sentences to say. The most important one is HERSELF