How has Selena inspired you?



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my_sunshine_sg's picture

I don't know but.. whenever I listen to her songs(and this happens very often, because I often feel myself bad or very good), I find some peace and remember her words, her advice and it helps me to feel much better. Also with the help of her songs I became a better know English and loved it. If I had the opportunity to meet with Selena, I would tell her thanks for everything and probably would talk about some important to me things. So.. I love her and hope that it will be forever

Tomasz_Krawiec's picture

It was one night one night. My phone to Selena. Our dream is like witchcraft since then I have loved her soul. I left her my heart took her portrait ...

ribelisa2000's picture

She inspire me to learn English and to sing. And I lot of things for example to ignore the others persons that make you weak ....

Alydg1315's picture

Sel is my queen my everything my sister my princess my idol my inspiration I love her so much and 

Arthur_Boari's picture

I think Sel has inspired me to try to be a good person not only with people but with me too. I've learned to give time to myself and work hard to become the engineer that I want to be. So, I always knew I love her for who she is and her acting against bullying is something that amazes me so much. It's cool to see that she tries to be anybody but her and stay true to herself. I don't care how much copies she has sold ou how many Instagram followers she has because this doesn't matter. What matters for me is her health and no matter how many breaks she needs to take, I'll always support her decisions through thick and thin I love Selena Marie Gomez form Grand Prairie, Texas <3