How Does 13 Reasons Why Inspire You?




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Looking to get help for my almost 30 yo son. Diag bipolar with suicidal idiocies. He hasn't been able to work in over a year. Still CAN'T seem to get meds straight. Meanwhile he is getting MORE depressed (if that is even possible at this time). Can't afford the treatment any more. I've helped financially all that I could. Depleated savings. Nothing left. New treatment is said to cost $350.00 a session with three sessions a week for 6 weeks. Insurance won't cover because it's NOT FDA approved for depression. Does anybody have any ideas before it's too late?

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I think we have busiru problem in school and in our normal life and we are making more problems but it reflects what we should and should not do in this series and this is very nice 

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Glad to see you back, you look beautiful like always. I know you smile more but the TAbLOiDz don't do you justice... shhe I know I don't smile when I'm hiking... ohh yah the topic, why it inspire me..... because it does!....smh lol

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I don't see any episodes of 13 reason why

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I don't see all episodes