How Does 13 Reasons Why Inspire You?




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Montserrat_Calderon's picture

it made me feel good, and i realize that i have to love myself and no pay attention to others, it is my life and i live it happily 

dre_621's picture

Shows that we need to be kind to one another, you never know what all is happening in someone else's life. One tiny word to you can mean something huge for another. Every life is precious, and we should treat each other with kindness and respect. Selena has set such a perfect example for people, and inspires so many

my_sunshine_sg's picture

I think that 13RW show all bad side of suicide, that it's normal to tell about your problems, that it will be better if you say people about your feels, because it can be too late. I think this series help to prevent a big problems some people in their families. It is relevant film in our world, so it would be helpful to see it for many people.

visalakshisingh03's picture

it inspires us to be cool with good heart

ribelisa2000's picture

13 reasons why make me realise how important I am and make me more strong really. I'm not here to pleasure the others I'm here to find out who I am . Thanks Selena . I'll never forget you