How Does 13 Reasons Why Inspire You?




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sanskrita_Sinha's picture

this show has really changed my way of seeing things,treating things everytime i see or even talk about this show i feel something different inside me ...i know you people might think that i'm being dramatic but i'm not please believe me....i'm soo glad that i had this amazing experince and i was so glad that selena produced it..i'm in love with selena gomez when i was like in 2 grade then her show came and still she is the only girl whom i've loved even if someone says bad about her i get aggressive i seriously love her even when Indians banned the show i fought with my parents just so that i could see wizards of waverly place i would be so happy that i could just meet her or even if she say hi to me i would be overwhelmed and if she dosen't i'll just have to kill myself and selena if you are reading to this then please reply me beacuse i've been following you for years .....

                                                                            your's lovingly: Aditya from India #biggestfan

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you can have the whole world .I think it's about God. you have everything and the soul screams.just as I'm watching people that.

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(SG) . . . . . . . . . . . . . Few times in my life I was close to death because of health problems and few accidents. I am not someone special. I am just a simple man. I understood one thing. When you fall down, rise up your body and mind, stand up, make the next step, then another. Just march and never give up. Never! Brace your heart, wake up your dreams, find the sun in the sky, look on the horizon, take a deep breath and feel your life. That's all. Learn how to live with people and without people. For yourself. Maybe you do not feel it, but trust me, the longer and harder you fight, the easier win with your weaknesses. And when you fall down next time, just rise. And repeat it forever. Best of luck girl :) . 

Marcus_Beland's picture

Hi Selina, was just reading about your battle with depression, seek out Dr. Mark Gordon, get your hormones and brain biochemistry checked by someone who uderstands it, depression can be easilly defeated. A lerge percentage of depression, PTSD, bipolar, etc are biochemical and hormonal imbalances, can be fixed easilly. Hope this helps you.dont believe the people who only want to keep you on medication

alexliamen's picture

two weeks my heart aches interesting .sel reduce your blood pressure. and the world is nice . if someone worried about the heart is ok . head it hurts 2 day .