How Does 13 Reasons Why Inspire You?




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priti_sumeet's picture

I  love the way they present the teenage bullying in schools and college's ; how one  child can do to another ! I am  too is victim of this  i am fat and i like to sing and for that  I've  been bullied . It creates an awareness between youngsters how can things effect to one because on one knew about someone's else's life! And situation and their psyche . So I just want to say thanks to selena for always inspiring me and to never give up! And creating an awareness about this serious issue all around the world!

Patrick_J_Delaney's picture

When we’ve been there 10 million years,

Our faces shining brighter than the Sun ,

We’ll have  100 billion reasons  to sing  GOD’S’ PRAISE!

And our lives will have just; BEGUN...


All you people need to repent...

Before the fire and blood starts falling from heaven.


WHAooooOOOOO!! I have BLEUuuuuUUUUUU!!  TOOoooooOOOO!! In Canada


INSPARATION!!! BIG WEAPON!!YOU GOT IT! And that is only 1 of plenty...

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because that serial was about teens life and in our generation people loves watch the movie like that and of course because our queen was a producer for that serial