How Does 13 Reasons Why Inspire You?




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I am reading all of these comments, A lot of which are positive. Selena, I have loved you for a very long time and I have looked up to you in many ways. You have helped me with self confidence and changing my mindset. So when You help produced the first season of 13 reasons why last year I gave everyone involved the benefit of the doubt, because i’m someways i’m sure you really thought you were being awareness. I even defended you because I was sure you thought you were doing the right thing. And even though you romanticized suicide and depression, I thought that after you saw how much damage it did you would never consider making a second season but you did. I am not a negative person and I have never ever been the type to start drama of any kind but you need to know the pain this is causing. So many children are watching this and they have no idea what it means, My sister is 12 and she logged onto our netflix and watched both seasons. She is traumatized, and I am 16 about to turn 17 and I was traumatized after watching the second season of this show. As someone who has gone through her own issues with sexual harassment and depression and suicidal thoughts and actions, and as a women. I was traumatized. I am not ignorant to the happenings of this world but that was unnecessary. What was done in the last episode of the second season. It was wrong. Everyone involved should be ashamed and I feel awful for saying that. Everyone I talk too says that There’s no point in even reaching out because everyone’s in it for the money and no one will even read this. I’m sure that all of the happy comments and all of the kids that feel less alone and watching this make you feel good but you need to hear the pain that this is causing. I have been sick to my stomach for days after watching that episode. Not only was it extremely disturbing it was unrealistic not in the way that it wouldn’t happen but in the way that he would’ve been able to even stand or be alive. He would’ve needed serious medical attention. And insinuating that someone could do that without the repercussion being absolutely fatal is extremely irresponsible. I am devastated after watching this and I only pray that it gets taken down and that no one else gets there innocence taken like my little sister did. There are other ways to protect children from this happening. This is not one of them. If anything kids need protection from the show. Doesn’t matter how many warnings you put on it so that you’re not responsible, you are still responsible. Whether you’ll get in trouble for it or not is a irrelevant.

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Ive been raped twice and i always felt it was my fault...i carried that on my shoulders for half my life...i decided to watch 13 reasons why and the show gave me closure...selena gomez came up with this AMAZING show and its up front about these issues...i have 5 boys and im a single mom im responsible for them knowing whats right and wrong.

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I'm truly inspired, inspired to change, to be happy and to love others. The plot, characters and the music, had moved me. 

Im 15 and suffer from extreme anxiety and panic attacks, and have for several years, it seems to get tougher and tougher every day, a new challenge to face. 

The first season of 13 reasons why made me feel comfortable, and engaged, it made me feel as though I wasn't alone, and the speech of the characters, especially clay, really got me, the speech at the end of tape 4 side A still inspires me to this day and I rewatch it constantly to make me feel like something and that there is others out there feeling and knowing the exact same emotions as I do. 

Season 2. Was that was something else, I started and finished it in under 3 days and I want more. I thought nothing could best season 1 but this, I feel like a changed person, I really do. Every single part of it has affected me in a positive way, it's made me feel apart of something, I've downloaded the soundtrack and the songs make me feel so special, the whole show makes me feel this fuzzy feeling inside, of happiness. 

All I want to do is to meet the cast, to know that they understand, because it feels as though they are the only people who understand and want to make a difference to the world. Although I live in England and are miles away. But this show has really changed me. 

Thank you. Everyone ❤

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It’s really hard to explain how I felt while watching the bathroom scene in the last episode of 13 reasons why, not only emotionally but physically as well.

I’m a 28 year old psychologist. I work with children in different schools with different social and economical backgrounds, as well as young patients.

I think the first season calls to create conscience about bullying and harassment, about how we may affect others without intention, ignoring what each individual person is going through. The first season creates empathy and awakes concern, awareness and involvement.

The second season teaches us the exact opposite. It takes the viewer’s hope and expectations away. Reaps them off. It shows how money and power can buy you out of consequence, how the bullies will always be bullies and the bullied will always be bullied. The second season gets you thinking “of course Hannah killed her self, I may as well do so”. It takes to empathize with the kid who is about to shoot his classmates at the dance, makes you think “yes man, do it, kill them all, because nobody else will do anything for you”.

Tyler’s character was abandoned long before the last episode. He was the one who told the truth, who cared. And he was left alone. Totally alone. And what happens to him in the bathroom is self explanatory. I have never seen anything so horrifying in mi life. And I did watch a real time raping in a movie. I cried my eyes out, took my breath out, couldn’t stop shivering. It was not only unnecessary but cruel and sick. I cannot imagine what this scene could do to kids underage or anyone who has been through a similar experience.

I spent the day talking to my patients families, to my working team, to the counselors I work with at every school to prevent children from watching this.

The second season is a trigger for suicide. Leaves you hopeless and in pain for human kind.

It makes me sick how so many people (actors, producers, writers, directors, Netflix and everyone envolved) could participate and air such a thing, despite its consequences. Seems like everything that matters is business, making money and trending, even if it means viewers suffering panic attacks, breakdowns, considering or even attempting suicide.

I chose to do something for the kids, for those who are left alone, who feel left out, who feel broken and hopeless. I chose to make a difference, to teach children about the value of life, about how it’s worth living. I work against bullying, against depression and suicide. This is my job and the second season of this show is the reason why sometimes I have to work so damn hard. As from Friday May 18th my job got a lot more complicated.

I live in Argentina. Bullying in my country is not nearly as bad as it is in the US. And this is partially why. Air it, make it natural, it happens and it will keep on happening. You will be bullied, you will be stalked, you will be harassed, you will be threatened and beaten up. You will be raped, impaled. You will be killed. And it doesn’t matter.

We need to protect children until they can protect themselves. As the grownups at liberty high failed at doing so, so did this show. It wasn’t about protecting the children, it was about money, and power, front pages and trending topics. Children cannot be exposed to watching this, to feeling the way I felt, or anything alike. I fight for children never ever having to feel so hopeless. And this show broadcasted the opposite. It’s god damn suicide propaganda. By far the most outrageous show I’ve ever seen (and I’m kind of a tv series freaky by the way).

I read the reviews. People are disgusted, offended. So many experienced horrible things while watching the last episode. Is the business worth it? Really?

If anyone cares at all I please ask to share this message until this show is taken off the Netflix platform and pays its consequences.


Agustina Garrahan

Ig: agusgarrahan