How Does 13 Reasons Why Inspire You?




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julialynne97's picture

I commend the producers and people who made this series. It takes strong people to create such a raw show based on a topic many people avoid out of fear of being disrespectful. However, i feel it's disrespectful to ignore the tragically true events that occur in our world today. So thank you, for caring enough to create this series with such delicacy and compassion, and caring enough to shed light on the very real situations that take place in our lives. 

Cathy_Silva's picture

Knowing what happens in life and the impact it makes, is devastating. it hurts. no one should have to go threw it, but they do. how to get over it?.. not a clue. I'm glad it was made, in other words i can explain to people what I have been threw with out having to say a word at all. I fully believe that there is no point in explaining to people whats going on with you because they wont even get it unless they have been in your shoes. what to do in a situation like that. Selena, it was Amazing how it was made. feeling my chest go in, get heavy, my head twirls back and forth, breathing starts to get faster or it just fades away, feeling lost and confused. it explained everything in detail. someday i hope t be able to find away to make myself use full and help make a change in that. even if my situation isn't

Rosanne_Pranger's picture

It kinda made me sad and let me think so much. It is such a good serie and think it has a really good and strong message. It is really a tough serie as well though.

hurtadovivian1012's picture

It has inspired me to try to make everyone's day a little better each every day.

rose.bensimon's picture

I would have so much wanted to save her, it is not real but, I would have wanted to be here, to help her, to surmount all her tests, and this history encourages me in exactly, not to make it but to speak about it even if it is difficult. Hannah was extraordinary, her way of seeing things... But why she made it? And well we discover it as one goes along, what makes us like the series. This series is an example to be followed, not a thing to do. I admit it, I shed all the tears of my body and only to hear a song of 13 Reasons why redoes me to think has she and puts me with tears in the eyes! In summary, this TV show inspires me and encourages me to live every days with more love! Sorry about the french errors.