How Did You React When You Heard Bad Liar For The First Time?

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alexliamen's picture

you are watching 143 million. My village knows me and his always jealous of everything. I bought a 30 year old Fiat with a painted brush - rolling)) They said I had a new car :))). It's a miracle that I like you. you really have to be a good man. to have something. anger is not good. but a bad man, you do not anger him, he is angry in the middle . it's such a character . you can not do anything. he has to unload your emotions. you are his training figure . and you're helping people again. I do not want to hurt you. and because of my language and mistakes I can hurt you.

for me you are a magic person. you do miracles with me. I love you .

Marisa_Biddle's picture

sooo good 

i loved the video

Saul_Palomino_Ramos's picture

Hermosa att: #Mexicocityworld

Qran_Zhu's picture

Definitely one of her best songs. It’s unique, soothing and creative, both musically and production wise well done. 100% a step up for her sound. 

pyite09's picture

I played it again because I was in love with it.