Describe It Ain't Me in Three Emojis!

If you could describe how you feel about "It Ain't Me" in three emojis, which three would you choose???

Listen to "It Ain't Me": ​



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To ALL MY CHILDREN its ANOTHER WORLD out there!!! With a little bit of RYAN HOPE  we try not to end up in GENERAL HOSPITAL with too much DYNASTY because these are THE DAYS OF OUR LIVES!!!! WHAOOOOOOOOOOO!!! HOLOWEEN SOON!! MY FAVORITE!


All the time YOU boost MY morals!!!OH Yes!!! HOPE everything is O.K . If only I could FIND a way to boost YOURS!!! Return the favor!!!  


YOU!! want too see the horse I RIDE just turned IN TooooOOOO!! NO CELEBS OR PAPARATS HERE ONLY  BASICS!!! 

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she still only try to claim her latinx heritage when it benefit$$$ her, being an 'executive producer' on living undocumented, but couldn't speak out against this administration over ICE and the incarceration of children or try to put on/donate to nonprofits like RAICES--- FOHHH fake ass "latinx" only PROFITING NEVER HELPINGG

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I can relate