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I talked to the movie label. The budget of my movie has exceeded million of dollars :( and what should I do :( and that's how I want to record a movie. :(((( 

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perhaps he will arrange an audience sooner with the pope. than with you for an internet call :(((((( help me selena ;)

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question 777 . for your friendship, companionship. should I ask you or God? .

you do not pay attention to it, the film takes it seriously. just make some move towards alexa . Please.

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it will not cost you anything to talk about. just how I have a hot topic. there will be only pros.

Have you ever done something for God?

now you have the opportunity to make a movie for just have to see me.

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I'm talking in space.

You do not even see me.

I know I do not look serious in your eyes. maybe not grown up. for this I need you. I have some belief that you will make a project for God. excellently . just hear my voice. notice him. and give me a chance to present my project.

and how I do not have much time here. find me . read the last posts about the movie. the rest is your eye magic.I need you .he can pray for me to find me .I need to get a chance, show my project.will you give me ?

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I can not help you now. but help me make a movie and I will show you God. why God will not help me, you ask. we are to seek God and see him.

he is standing next to us. I do not want something for myself. only to show God.

and give him honor and glory.

and I know that you...

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I'm on your side. so you know my email. write to me and talk. using a messenger. I will tell you the script and decide if something is worth.

my goal is to show only one God. only the translator we need :). I promise you will not regret this conversation about the movie :)